About Me

As an art director and designer, I consult and design on a variety of projects. I’ve worked in-house and remotely on projects for leading brands, national publications, graphic design firms, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Starting out as an editorial designer, I learned what makes a great layout and how to work as a team. Everyone on a magazine staff has a contributing role to play and everyone sees things from their unique perspective. I saw how choosing the right photographer or illustrator or typeface could make a story sing. I gained an ongoing respect for organized and efficient processes from designing and art directing magazines on tight deadlines for almost ten years.

Website Experience

As technology became more sophisticated I pivoted my career and interests to designing websites. Web projects taught me to be less precious about my design, required me to work quickly, and exposed me to a new format for storytelling that had sound, movement, interactivity, and connectivity. It broadened my palette, giving me a chance to work with storyboards, to art direct animations, and to envision whole new ways to build communities online.

User Interface Experience

While designing websites, I became interested in designing tools and applications for specific audiences. I became good at crafting fun and user friendly interfaces by always thinking about the user experience and making it a top priority. It wasn’t long before I combined my editorial design knowledge with my user interface skills to design digital editions of magazines for the iPad and other mobile devices. Nowadays, I like to work on concepts that will ultimately live on paper and onscreen. The story comes first; how that is implemented and what form it takes is dictated by the project’s goals.

The Future

As my career has progressed, I’ve been lucky to work with an ever wider range of clients, which I welcome because it makes designing more interesting. For 2018, I’m hoping to be involved in creating strategy, design & production across all platforms. Whether it’s a personal project or a commercial one, the most important thing to me is to work with thoughtful people on meaningful projects that will hopefully have a positive effect on people’s lives.

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