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CLIENT: NASCAR | FunnyGarbage, Inc
CHALLENGE: Follow the design styleguide created by
the FunnyGarbage Art Director and design the Fans Section, pop-ups, and various icons for quick links. Brainstorm with the team before and after meetings with the client on problems and solutions. Supplied design and production support to the team at FunnyGarbage.

Services and Responsibilities

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CHALLENGE: Research and design cartoon character
homepages, navigations, buttons, framing devices, etc. Worked with an established template designed by the Art Director. Created promotions and banner advertisements as needed. Helped bring CartoonNetwork.com to be one of the most popular kid's sites in the U.S.

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CLIENT: Guggenheim Sackler Center | FunnyGarbage, Inc
CHALLENGE: Development and Production for a design pitch to the Guggenheim Sackler Center of the Arts. Worked with an Account Manager, Information Architect, and an Art Director. This was my first conceptualization of an original design for the web and i lived through it, had fun even, and learned from my mistakes.