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MMDesign is an imaginary garage of problems solved, custom work
and regular maintenance of full-time communication vehicles!

Mary Mathieux, the Head Mechanic and "Grease-monkey" founded this storage
and workspace after realizing that she had used up every inch of storage in her
New York City apartment. It turns out that virtual garages are excellent places for
inventing, presenting, and storing new and old ideas.

MMDesign specializes in designing new business identities, magazines, catalogs,
websites, and interactive experiences.

The Head Mechanic, Mary Mathieux, trained at Virginia Commonwealth
University where she earned a BFA in Communication Arts and Design. Upon
graduating, she immediately took her training to the streets of New
York City where the communication vehicles sparked her interests and passion
for design. She started her training on magazine publications, but later was
attracted to web design because of its speed and accessibility.

So, if your communication vehicle is not sending home your message, give us a
holler here at MMDesign and we will be happy to listen and get down to the heart of
the problem. Contact us through the email address below to make an appointment
for a consultation and estimate. Whatever the problem, we will have your message
strengthened and back on the communication highway running at top speed!

Mary Mathieux